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Come Together | by macwagen
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Come Together

When i created this graphic yesterday, I couldn't wait to post it as a big f-you to all the divisive Bush supporters that adorned their cars with the "W: The President" stickers following the 2004 election.


But I'm not posting it for those reasons now. I'm pretty quick to take the low-road in a lot of situations, but last night, a lot of pent-up anger and frustration just – "poof" – went away. The John McCain that I respected before this election showed up and gave a wonderful concession speech. I saw people gather and celebrate and laugh and cry, and kicked myself for having consumed too many beers to go out and join them. And when Obama spoke, I became aware of something strange swelling in my chest: Pride.


This is huge, people. Not that I have to tell you, but still: this is frikkin huge.


During the Bush years, I've felt like my country wasn't mine anymore. Not because of the whole "red and blue" thing, but because it was a "I'm going to do whatever the hell I want and that's that" attitude. When Jr. reclaimed the White House in '04 and declared that he'd (and I'm paraphrasing here) "won some political capitol and I intend to use it", that made me and a lot of other people incredibly angry.


Not surprisingly, Obama is doing the polar opposite. He's not claiming this victory for himself, but rather for all of us. I'm going to follow his example and try my best not to be so quick to so vehemently defend my positions that I'm not listening to all the angles.


I don't even know how much of this is making sense, and I'm sure I'm not conveying just how happy I am right now, and how hopeful, but I stayed up way too late on a work night, and I'm still kinda too supercharged with emotion to function correctly, so I'll just stop ranting now.


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Taken on November 4, 2008