• Sir Macintosh's "Brat" tattoo

End of Session One

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So this is how the tattoo looks as of now. I'll have to go back to have the "Halo" completed in two weeks after the first part is healed.

I can't stress enough how much this tattoo means to me, and I am so glad that Rich was able to do it for me. He's all aces.

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  1. Karen of Seven Fields 101 months ago | reply

    haha...that's similar to what I thought [kren]...only I didn't think "hot"!Sorry, Dan:) Nice tatts...

  2. epmd 101 months ago | reply

    happy belated macwagen. and great new tattoo, such a good tribute.

  3. twoeightnine 101 months ago | reply

    that's some amazing work.

  4. Mindy Hertzon 101 months ago | reply

    OMG, the Annie Leibovitz book signing was fukin awesome!!!!!!!
    Her new book is mind blowing and VERY different from her other books. There are some very intimate family pictures, self portrait stuff (nude), etc. It's really beautiful. The book retails at $75.00 but WELL WORTH IT! Check around to see if she is doing a book signing in YOUR area!?
    She showed some wonderful slides and read out loud (even cried a couple of times, her girlfriend Susan Sontag died recently and there are quite a few pics of her in the book). Truly a treasured evening!!!

  5. CARMON rinehart 101 months ago | reply

    He was apparently an awesome companion to you,
    and you were, and continue to be, an excellent master to him,
    by making this beautiful, artistic, eternal tribute.
    Tit for tat and vice versa.

  6. Terry Bain 101 months ago | reply

    That is really quite amazing. I like the earlier, black and white photo too.
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  7. Ranabass 101 months ago | reply

    YEAH! I LOVE that! Wow. I cannot wait to see the finshed tattoo. It is just very beautiful, Dan.

    I know Buck deserves no less than that, and your feelings for it!

  8. Hryck. 101 months ago | reply

    F'ing awesome. If I ever get the nerve (and decide on a tattoo), I'll definitely be seeing Rich.

  9. nightmares_n_fairy_tales 101 months ago | reply

    Beautiful work, and Bucklula, I'm sure is proud of his Papa's memoriam.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  10. Ingrid! 101 months ago | reply

    Comin along nicely. Can't wait to see the finished tat.

  11. 顔なし 101 months ago | reply

    so I guess you're a dog person...

  12. macwagen 101 months ago | reply

    tim: > you could say that. i have three cats, too. :)

  13. Pitbull MaMa 101 months ago | reply

    Beautiful tattoos...the detail is amazing...

  14. artfisch 101 months ago | reply

    nice. I like both your dog tattoos and how they are so different and niice. ;)

  15. joey kennedy 101 months ago | reply

    OMG! Thats incredible!

  16. nyra lang 100 months ago | reply

    aww buck

  17. hoi polloi 98 months ago | reply

    I love the balance between the vibrant, new school image of Mac and the more traditional look of Buck. Great stuff.

  18. bonniegrrl 82 months ago | reply

    that's such a great tattoo! thanks for sharing this with us!

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