Images from 9/11

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    Taken soon after the first plane hit. We watched in horror, helpless, as the second plane hit. A sight, sound and feeling I will never forget.

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    1. extraspecial 93 months ago | reply

      Wow... not much I can say other than wow... It was hard enough seeing it happening on TV, I can't imagine the emotion of seeing it through your own eyes.

    2. c_soul71 77 months ago | reply

      I experienced the shock of 9/11 too, being in New York for a week, at that time. It was not only a shock on that day; it left me shocked for a month and deeply touched ever since. I walked around Manhattan that afternoon, crossing the lines the police had installed, and what had happened there, still feels so unreal when I see my pictures of it, these days. One day I'll upload a few of mine from that week.
      Peace and R.I.P. to the ones that gave their lives on this day of horror.

    3. babybbarnhill2004 69 months ago | reply

      9-11 was the most horable thing i belive to happen in are history
      other than ocklahoma ,, there should have been better servalance on are countrie than there was they can use a satellite to look into
      some ones house and listen to conversations but they didnt see that fixing to has changed me for ever

    4. babybbarnhill2004 69 months ago | reply

      im not putting are gov just saying i prey tis never happens to know one aging .i would stick up for this countrie ..know matter what and i love the people that die for it every day..this inc. all fire/police /and miloitary//my farther was a sgt,,army

    5. babybbarnhill2004 69 months ago | reply

      cancersoul71 you take some of the most coolest pic keep it up..

    6. vagaman. 67 months ago | reply

      wow thats just wow. wow wow owowowowow

    7. Noah L☮VE J☺Y 66 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Beauty in a Tragedy, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Wonderful photo :)

      Feel free to add anymore photos you'd like.

    8. margaretisabella 45 months ago | reply

      I am currently working on a documentary about Generation Y. It is my Honours year and I was wondering if it would be possible to use your photo in my video?
      If so I would like to credit you in the video.

    9. macten 45 months ago | reply

      Sure, that would be fine.

    10. ybsilon1 43 months ago | reply
      Thanks for the picture.

    11. JayPetey 42 months ago | reply

      The sun is still shining...

    12. Mrs. Terry 23 months ago | reply

      Wow, actually on the day and as part of it was happening. My Abstract by Twilight was taken the day before. On the actual day, my friend and I were photographing in Holland, Michigan and didn't find out about it until we got back to Kalamazoo.

      Seen in Pictures of 2001.


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