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Love my new avi look at him shine, and absolutely adore Sansar too! <3 100FPS (which ive capped it at) for this Ready Player One SIM. I do not have the greatest ever system either but its well tuned, nor do I have VR yet. Performance is fantastic in Sansar, plus the polish, with bells, whistles, and chocolate covered bacon stuffed cheesy poofs, are coming into florescence! Im so stoked to build there, the SIM's are HUGE... and, we all have so many to create with, exciting times!


Go sign up and claim your 20 SIMs before the introductory offer expires and its less SIMs, im not sure that will be the case, but it seems possible, because 20 sims in Sansar is like having around 5000 SIM's in SL as far as land size! And premium accounts get even more than that too. ;)


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Uploaded on November 16, 2018