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What makes a place a home? What gives somewhere a meaning, altering it from a non-place to a place? This is, for some reason, a field that interests me greatly... The way that society as a whole, design spaces in a generic form in order to provide a comfortable feeling of familiarity...


The end result of course, is that the genericy of all these spaces, airports, offices and alike, serves only to increase our feeling of comfort and enhance our unease. It could however root back to a deeper issue - our lack of understanding of the mechanics of the establishment. You enter a post office, and join the line because that's what we do. We don't entirely know what we are doing - we are at the mercy of the employees. This of course in turn generates a feeling of discomfort leading to the establishing of a non-place.


The employees however, understand the process entirely, and connect with the space as a place... and are therefore comfortably within their zone.


Sorry, I have rambled a bit on this subject... Food for though though!

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Taken on November 10, 2009