USS Ronald Reagan
These are my photographic highlights during our 6 hour sail out to sea on board the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. I was part of the media team covering this event for the online news site,

Former Senator Bob Hogue was assigned the writing duty and he filed

The day aboard the USS Ronald Reagan was a totally awesome experience as we were allowed to observe and photograph several aspects of the ship's operation. Nice thing is that we got to sail out of Pearl Harbor before having to fly back home (which is a story in and of itself for some).

The USS Ronald Reagan is the 9th Niimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the US Navy's fleet of supercarriers. The ship was laid down in 1998, launched in 2001, and commissioned in 2003. It is named after our 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

She is home ported at NS North Island San Diego, California and is in Hawaii waters this month (July 2010) for the RIMPAC 2010 exercises.

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All photos except for the aerial shot of the USS Ronald Reagan were taken by Melvin Ah Ching. Copyright 2010 All rights reserved. Photos taken July 6, 2010.

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