Cardiff After Dark
Weekend night scenes in the city centre of Cardiff, a typical British town.

This is a random collection of photos taken between 2005 and 2011, mostly outtakes that did not make it into the "Cardiff After Dark" book. More:

You can purchase the "Cardiff After Dark" book published by Thames & Hudson in Oct 2012 on Amazon UK, on amazon .com and worldwide on bookdepository. The book contains 99 photos, many of them not shown here.

About the project:
St Mary street is one of the main streets of central Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. There is a large cluster of clubs and pubs located on the street and sooner or later most party goers end up there. The street is closed for cars on Saturday nights and becomes the main scene of the city night life, fuelled by alcohol and emotions. Everything takes place in public - from drinking, fighting, kissing to crying and sleeping. Supermen chat up Playboy Bunnies, somebody lies on the pavement taking a nap, the hungry ones finish their portions of chips and the policemen stop another argument or fight. Nobody seems to worry about tomorrow, what matters is here and now. Then another week at work, until the next weekend.

14.04.2010 - this set has been renamed from "Cardiff at Night" to "Cardiff after Dark", after hearing this name on the BBC radio today.

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