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KONTRABAND.CO.UK - photos used without permission

update 2: "We are a user-submitted site and are not set up for paying for content, as i said, we can offer alternatives & feature you and pay you back in kind by way of a full editorial/blog and/or links to your site - Or we can re-direct the page link to your website, or remove the content completely."


update 1: the issue is still unresolved. from their response to my invoice: "this is a complete mistake and we cannot afford to pay such an amount - I can offer you 2 alternatives, we credit you and also write an full editiorial about you and the whole affair (or anything else you would like to feature) - Or, we remove them asap and concede that it was just unfortunate circumstances. "


www.websiteoftheyear.co.uk/winners.php - best entertainment site




again the same situation. used without my knowledge and permission.


it was in Top in All Topics on www.digg.com


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Taken on April 10, 2009