The Train Station
The idea of the train station came to my mind after 2008 LugPol's exhibition in Kielce.
Then a big community diorama was setup (called Klocki Zdrój).
I prepared some train stuff and the train station itself for the project and after the event has finished I needed to do something with them.
The station building was placed on 4 48x48 baseplates. The same was about the platform. They required to be carried in one piece what was a real pain. I wanted to dismount them but on the other hand I put too much effort, it wasn't easy to destroy them in a few minutes.

Then the idea of my own diorama appeared. If I have got a building, it's easy to prepare the rest. At least then it seemed to be an easy job.
After a few moments I had the first draft of the train station. It was something like 16 48x48 baseplates in total. After a few moments it evolved into 20... 22 and finally I planned to use 27 (sic!) of these big baseplates.

I started with the train station building. It was shrunk by 30%, the red-sloped roof was replaced by a tiled one (to make it cool, trendy and whatever). It was also placed on two baseplates so I can carry it easily w/o any board under it.

At the same time I started working on an engine shed which I finally published in December 2009.

As I'm splitting my Lego hobby between 1:13 scale trucks and trains, the project was put away for a couple of months. During this time here and there some small stuff appeared (rolling and buildings). All were constructed for the future layout.

In the mid of November 2011 I decided to publish a part of the layout. To do this I had to build the platforms and some tracks. After some considerations I decided the border of the first "publishing" stage would be the end of the cargo ramp and the platform module. You can see them in this photo set.

The next one will be engine shed with fuelling area, side-tracks and switching tower. Buildings are ready, I need to arrange them on new baseplates and surround with landscape.

The third part will cover cargo area, old water tower and tool-workshop by the engine shed.

The plan is to finish the whole diorama by the end of March 2012. The truth is that in 2008 I planned to finish the diorama by the end of 2009 ;) So everything might happen, especially postponing the deadline :)

I'm really happy I was able to put some stuff together and show it. I hope it will drive me to the end of the project.

But... who knows what the end will be? There is a lot cool stuff that can be added to a train station... :)

Update: The layout was finished in September 2012 for the Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek. Since then it has grown significantly (15 48x48 baseplates) and what I can promise - it is not the end!
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