Peterbilt 359 Wrecker
More or less 1:13 scaled model of the Peterbilt 359 truck with Ernest Holmes 750 old style towing machinery.
Class of the 70s: 280" of wheelbase, long hood, Hendrickson rear suspension, 12V71 screaming Detroit, 36" sleeper. All lockers, doors etc. are openable, engine has working Technic pistons run from rear axle - standard for my 1:13 trucks.

The towing mechinery is run by one old "geared" Lego motor, each boom is controlled by two winches and each boom can be controlled separately. The power mechanism is placed in the chassis frame but is not an integral part of the model - it can be unmounted any time. This allowed me to keep the whole truck as a "model team" creation with fully functional lockers etc.

Another challenge was about the wheelbase. I wanted V12 Detroit which added 2 extra studs to the hood. I wanted 36" sleeper. I wanted "Heavy Duty Holmes Deluxe Body" with lockers. This turned into really long frame and something like a 4,5kg of weight. The result was obvious - the frame bent and in the middle of the truck it was 5mm lower it should be. I had to do some tricks to the frame as well as visual ones to the whole model :) An I belive at the end of the day it works quite well.

The engine is a Detroit V12. I made it white with black gearbox - livery typical for 70s made Peterbilts. Why the old 12V71? Just hear this :)

Enjoy the photos, more of them you can find on my Brickshelf gallery:
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