Arduino Centipede Shield

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    Now available: the Centipede Shield is an add-on PCB for standard layout (Duemilanova, Diecimila) Arduino microcontroller boards. It uses the Wire I2C interface on analog pins 4 and 5 to provide 64 general purpose I/O pins.

    Also fine-tuning homebuilt lightbox photo process... and mightyohm added this photo to their favorites.

    1. 59 months ago | reply

      The lightbox results looks great! Out of curiosity, what are you using for your side lights and how are you diffusing the light?

    2. macetech 59 months ago | reply

      Well here's the funny part...there's nothing so fancy involved. The box is white foamcore poster board with a straight back and the sides angled about 45 degrees to the wider front of the box. No walls on the top or front. There is a 4 foot fluorescent work light above the box on the workbench but I believe that is providing minimal effect. I am simply setting the camera on a tripod, stopping down to minimum aperture, and using a remote to activate the D40 with its bare built-in flash. The flash seems to bounce around enough inside the box to get a good diffused look. Of course with this setup if there is any surface parallel to the flash I do get a huge hotspot, so eventually I will figure out sidelighting and diffusion.

    3. mightyohm 59 months ago | reply

      Very impressive results!

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