that's what she said

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    best detention slip ever!
    the kid made photo copies and was handing them out.

    update: 11/15/09 sooo this picture has unexpectedly blown the hell up. it's literally everywhere. hope the Duncan's aren't pissed ha! this is the original.

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    1. sugarraindrops_ 56 months ago | reply

      i just found this on stumble upon and I love it, hahaa.
      best detention slip ever.

    2. MrPaul123 56 months ago | reply

      this was also on, and I saw it on digg. It's going viral!!

    3. Mike Halsall 56 months ago | reply

      Nice, Dalton... nice...

    4. blur_photography 56 months ago | reply

      This just made my day, thank you!

    5. eustace scrubb 56 months ago | reply

      Maximum lulz, my friend.

    6. robinson0008 56 months ago | reply

      How can you give that kid a detention?

    7. Sarah Zawatsky 56 months ago | reply

      I love Humanity.
      In my school, teachers learned to disregard "that's what she said".

    8. LividFiction 55 months ago | reply

      Ahahahahahaha this is awexome!

      First result in a Google search for that's what she said detention slip.

    9. kailas652000 53 months ago | reply

      all this hyperbole... amazing, perfect, love it, definitely the best ever. I want to know why is this so good. I thought it was crap, not funny, and a little odd. It's the old 'said the actress to the bishop' thing but it is so lame. Blunch of fuckwits.

    10. nakyy 53 months ago | reply

      this made my day =)))

    11. Flagman00 52 months ago | reply

      OK, so why is this kid being punished? Oh! For having a quick wit. We can't have that!

    12. LimeFreezex 42 months ago | reply

      Lol wut. In my junior high, the teachers would have laughed it off or they would have been the ones who made the joke in the first place aha. aha this is great though :D

    13. jmallet74 41 months ago | reply

      My girlfriend teaches high school, she had to call and explain to the student's grandmother that a student said "It's all in my hair" and that her grandson added "That's what she said." She couldn't even begin to imagine how to explain the situation without bursting into laughter or feeling so awkward having to really explain why it was inappropriate when inevitably the grandmother would not understand why it is not acceptable.

    14. The Canon Guy! 40 months ago | reply

      You have got ATTITUDE!!! Please add your image to:

      " Snaps with Attitude! Post 1 Award 2 Immediately! "

    15. joshrherbert 33 months ago | reply

      innocent comment! :)

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