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Too long a lens for too near a subject!

Explored 356 - 2011-12-05


We were sitting in the Masai Mara watching the three Cheetah brothers resting in the shade of an Acacia Tree about 30 metres away.

Suddenly one of the brothers got up and walked towards the tree trunk which was less than 5 metre away from the car and marked his territory by urinating on to the tree trunk. He was so close to the car that the 300mm lens could only capture half of his body with the front legs without the paws.

This picture is stitch fo two pictures joined in the middle. Sorry folks i could not show the feet or the tip of the tail.

I just posted this picture to show those of us who have not been to Africa how a Cheetah marks his territory.

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Taken on May 1, 2011