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Waxwing (Bombycilla garullus)

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Thanks sometimes the sun is shining too. Brings alive the colours of this beautiful bird. Hope you don't get tired of it jet.

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  1. ypkmurthy@ymail.com 2 weeks ago | reply

    Much more beautiful than all the human beauties.

  2. ViviôÔ 2 weeks ago | reply

    originale !

  3. adultptadmissions 2 weeks ago | reply

    miss the birds during winter, hurry spring!

  4. mahasobhy754 2 weeks ago | reply

    beautiful 😊😊😊

  5. meirelesromildo 2 weeks ago | reply

    muito lindo esse pássaro

  6. rudikrompich 2 weeks ago | reply

    me siento triste...

  7. Antony.Clayden 6 days ago | reply

    great photo love it.

  8. boles86 6 days ago | reply

    Let's all do our part and study what birds eat in our areas and put out plenty of food on top of your roof

  9. justmeandme2012 5 days ago | reply

    rating-stars1Wow this photo deserves a flickr flooders admin 5 star award and an invitation to join www.flickr.com/groups/flickrflooders/

  10. hi8079 5 days ago | reply


  11. Fullermoments Now 3 days ago | reply

    beauty,strength ....insight. wow

  12. jovgreen29 3 days ago | reply

    do u know what kind of bird that is

  13. joseph_serebour1 2 days ago | reply

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