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Torfrock | by kejoli
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So I spent both Monday and Tuesday nights at concerts. Monday was Feuer Engel who are supposedly the best Ramstein coverband in all of Germany. I'm not really a Ramstein fan but my hostfamily was going so I thought "what the hey" and jumped in with. That night was pretty fun, lots of big fiery explosiony whatnots and crowd surfing in an inflatable raft. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me that night since I didn't feel like testing the dozen or so bouncers who's elbows my nose barely reached. I really regret not being able to get a shot of the crowd surfing raft.


So then Tuesday night was Torfrock. Torfrock is some kind of North-German comedy/translated English to German songs rock band with a pretty loyal cult following. One of their big things is all of the fans wear viking helmets usually with one of the horns turned upside down. I ended up deciding to hell with it, I wasn't going to miss this chance for photos, and snuck my camera in. Unfortunately noone warned me before hand that their other big thing is for the fans to throw half full glasses of beer in the air for a "beer shower".


It was an interesting experience trying to balance not letting the bouncers see my camera, avoiding drunken vikings, and whipping my camera out for ten seconds taking a dozen shots and then stuffing it back under my shirt before more beer came raining down the whole night. Everything said and done though I did get one or two good shots.


I thought this photo caught the entire atmosphere of the night really well.

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Taken on December 23, 2008