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    NEW YORK CITY - 1979 -
    West Side Express Highway

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    1. wavz13 53 months ago | reply

      Awesome! I remember this so well from my NYC days. Used to bike and jog here until they finally tore the old West Side Highway down in the 1980s. Those signs look like they were from the 1930s, when the highway was originally built.

    2. Christian Montone 35 months ago | reply

      It's amazing how sparse everything looks.

    3. wavz13 35 months ago | reply

      Isn't it though? This gentleman has an amazing collection of West Side Highway photos. Looks like he spent part of a day walking around and shooting the abandoned highway back in 1979.

    4. Christian Montone 35 months ago | reply

      Just the thought of an "abandoned highway" in NYC is amazing enough, but to SEE it is another. I know NYC was always crowded, but this was at a time when the population was nowhere near what it is today. In fact, the great migration to the suburbs had already happened. That said, it's fully possible that an entire highway could be deserted, traffic could be re-routed and rebuilding the West Side H'way could occur without the massive "disruption of the grid" that would happen today.

      His walking around to shoot photos calls to mind The Highline concept that NYC has today. I'm glad they reclaimed, repurposed and worked out that space for people to enjoy.

    5. wavz13 35 months ago | reply

      In the 1970s, Lower Manhattan had virtually no residential presence. One of the first developments to bring people to the area is visible at the left of this photo - a series of 3 apartment towers called "Independance Plaza North". They were started in 1972 and complete by 1975.

      Note that you can see all the way to Pier A on the center right of this view. Nothing was yet built on the Battery Park City landfill as of 1979. Once completed, that single massive development brought residential life to Lower Manhattan where nothing but rotting piers and warehouse ruins from the 19th century still stood as recently as the early 1970s.

    6. Christian Montone 35 months ago | reply

      I was going to note that the lack of downtown development was at play here. Thanks for pointing that out, though, for other viewers. I had no idea about the 1972 - 75 building of Independence Plaza North. Thanks for pointing THAT out, too! I assumed they came later.

      I'm not sure if people are used to seeing the WTC before it was the World Financial Center complex. I remember walking over the West Side H'way glass enclosures and into the Winter Garden for the first time in the '80s. It was thrilling to watch buildings go up in my pre-teens where there had been NO LAND previously! The "landfill" project was really astounding here. Learning about it on the news and seeing it made a reality when we would ferry from S.I. to Manhattan was brilliant. Just as my parents saw the WTC built and filled out on a literal day-to-day basis (they worked on Church and Water Streets respectively) we ALL watched that land be dug out, brought in, tamped down and put in place. Leave it to New York... Run out of New York and BUILD MORE New York to go on it!

    7. mishainmadrid 29 months ago | reply

      extrenekt ciik sgit -- great contrast between the highway and the buildings around it

    8. PlacesNoMore 22 months ago | reply

      Great photo, reposted to my fb fan page here with link/credit back www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=444360055596362&set=a...

    9. Eily Willow 19 months ago | reply

      How many people lived in New York back in 1979? Lower Manhattan had no residental presence I read above. But all the NY pictures of m.joedicke look so empty. :)

    10. wavz13 11 months ago | reply

      This is one of my FAVORITE on all of Flickr! Would it be possible for you to upload this one in a higher resolution? Please?

    11. m.joedicke 11 months ago | reply

      Yes, only the scan difficult. The negatives... Have patience.

    12. wavz13 11 months ago | reply

      I will.... It would be SO, SO appreciated if you could. Thank you.

    13. m.joedicke 11 months ago | reply

      Now the image is larger. Withou new scan. The file "fell asleep" in a 2009 Folder. Greeting m.

    14. wavz13 11 months ago | reply

      So much better! Thank you very much. When Flickr changed display layouts in 2011, I had to re-upload almost every photo in the collection. The new Flickr layout showed the previously uploaded photos as very small. I don't know why they did that, but it took a lot of work to upload all the photos again!

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