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Green Shutters

The Ghost of Twin Gables Old Western Homestead 1982 Postal Parking Martin House Green Shutters Come in, The Door Is Open... Cranberry's Saloon & Restaurant, Ely MN Picnic at the Old Barn Ghosthouse in the Cornfield Fort Lonesome Grocery ca 1970 An Old Cabin in the Woods What Lies Beneath Rural Decay At Work For Rent - Renovations Needed Full Moon Rising Sunburnt Barn Vintage Vehicles Be It Ever So Humble... Old Shed Welch Creamery

What goes up, must come down... this eventually applies to buildings also. In cities, demolition crews take care of old buildings, but in the country, nature does the job.

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eYe_image says:

great set - wonderful processing
Posted 87 months ago. ( permalink )

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