We keep laying hens and raise ducks for meat.

2009. This was the first time we have ever raised chickens and they are still delighting us.

The white Rock Cornish Cross (never again!!) were meat birds that we butchered ourselves for the freezer. (We found by putting the cleaned birds in large plastic bags before submerging in iced water to cool, that they retain their juices, cook and taste like air-cooled Smart Chicken.)

The colored birds are large breed layers (Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, and Silver-Laced Wyandottes). We were paying a lot for organic eggs from free-range chickens on non-GMO feed, so decided we could do the same for less. A major perk, is that we really enjoy watching the chickens as they forage and peck around the yard - they are better than a fish aquarium in terms of entertainment.

In 2010, we added Barred Rock and Americana chickens to our backyard flock, and made rich chicken stock with the Wyandottes, who were not up to par with the other breeds. Later in the year, we lost 6 birds to an unknown predator (we suspect a coyote). No feathers, no noise, no tracks. Because of the threat, our chickens are now enclosed in a wooded quarter acre fenced yard.

2011 - We bought a straight run of Black Australorp and Barred Rock mix, plus 3 Buff Orpington pullets, bring the chick total to 30. Surplus roosters will be culled for meat.

2010 - Pekin and Rouen Ducks.
2011 - Pekin Ducks

We give all our poultry organic feed - no GMOs - and let them forage all day. Our property is also organic, in that we do not spray any chemicals, anywhere.

2010 - BOURBON RED Turkeys
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