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it's when stop thinking of something as technology that it has the biggest impact

I’m gradually working my way through the backlog of quotes I have stacked up to write a slide on. Of course, the irony is that no sooner do I catch up than I find a whole lot more and the cycle begins again. I think a key skill of the digital age is being able to cope with feeling constantly overwhelmed/behind/drowning in “stuff to do” and still remain calm & productive & happy. Let’s just say I’m in training. ;-)


There’s a silver lining in falling behind though… it helps bring perspective. If a statement resonated when I first read it months back, and still does today, then odds are it’s got some longevity. This one is a kind of common-sense tru-ism, but I still like it, not least because of the marvel of the invention of the Internet being compared to the invention of the wheel(!)


Here’s the quote in full: "It is when people stop thinking of something as a piece of technology that the thing starts to have its biggest impact. Wheels, wells, books, spectacles were all once wonders of the world; now they are everywhere, and we can't live without them. The internet hasn't quite got to that point, but it is getting there." - The Guardian Nov 4 2006



This may be taking it to a slight extreme, but I agree with the principle. The internet has come to be the single most important medium for entertainment/news/info to a surprisingly large proportion of the population, and is growing in influence steadily. It’s certainly already the most important utility for me… to the extent that, when my husband and I bought the farm in rural Australia that we’re going to move to in 5 years or so, the very first thing we checked was could we get fast broadband there! (The answer was, amazingly, yes. It comes via satellite… the Australian government is so keen to get rural areas on that they’re giving the satellite dish & installation for free. Of course, the problem of slow upload speeds remain but I’m confident by the time we move they’ll be on the way to solving that, especially if P2P services like Joost take off).


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