The Breathing Project Transition To The Babies Project
The Breathing Project is a New York City based educational non-profit dedicated to advancing educational standards for yoga teachers and other movement professionals.

Since March 2003, when they opened their doors on 26th St in NYC, Leslie Kaminoff and his partner Amy Matthews have offered anatomy courses, weekend courses and summer immersions to movement teachers and explorers of all kinds. Their students have taken the inquiries and ideas they’ve gotten here and spread them all over the world which has been extraordinarily fulfilling and they’re ready to turn their time and attention to other projects.

Amy, along with her partner Sarah Barnaby, are continuing to occupy the space with their Babies Project. You can read more about them on their website ( and you can support them in any amount by going to their Indiegogo fund-raising page (

Leslie's last "Inside Story of Yoga in the West" was held on Thursday July 13, an interview with J Brown, which will become part of his podcast "Yoga Talks."

Saturday July 15 was the closing party and tag sale, attended by many longtime friends, students and supporters.
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