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1. I am 36 years old and I think I will always wear converse and striped socks, I just feel most like myself in them. They feel like home.

2. I am a daydreamer, it was always a problem in school, but now in life I find it quite comforting.

3. I have only had 4 jobs, but worked from age 17-34. I was a drive thru goddess at Burger King, the garden shop fairy at Kmart, a vintage clothing expert at Value Village, and a preschool teacher for toddlers. Now I am a housewife, my fave job.

4. I make my own soap, fabric softener, laundry soap, and cat food

5. I have had a blog for three years now

6. I was raised in a VERY religious home, now I am barely religious at all if at all

7. I watch too much TV, I was raised without one as a kid, so I feel like I missed out on so much

8. I am shy, but when I am nervous I can't stop talking

9. I volunteer at the local food bank because when I was a kid my husband and I both ate food from food banks. I feel like I need to repay that kindness

10. I have been with my lovely husband for over 15 years now, he has made my life so fun. I love being in love!


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Taken on August 2, 2009