Florida "Alumni Weekend
A group representing over thirty years of Lycoming graduates gathered in St. Petersburg, Fla., to mark the 200th Anniversary of the College.

"We were pleased to not only have graduates but a past Dean and one of our past professors. It was a great time for renewing old friendships and starting new ones.”
Judi Frederiksen ’73

In attendance were:
Doug Keiper ‘68, Pam (Bateman) Whiteaker ‘74, Sarah (Wahl) Campbell ’77, Andrea Deufel Rogers ’81, Ann (Marcinkevich)Paquette ’78, Kathy (Elwood) Livermore ‘ 74, Dean Livermore ’74, Sarah Bertrand Rowe ’74, Kathy Tighe Gaye ’75, Janice (Ramin) Yaw ‘70 , Dr. David Rife

Judi Frederiksen ’73, Marcy (Hendricks) Hesketh ‘ 50, ( Janet Smead ) Ed Smead ‘ 56
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