The Little Mermaid

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    Spent some time in København back in 1993, but my photos are much worse than this! Gathered from Michael's photos here. (Thanks, Michael!)

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    btw, Stattoo runs GREAT! Thanks jonhicks for encouraging me to use it!

    1. luxuryluke ages ago | reply

      (112 views of a fascinating statue and everyone's afraid to comment? ...Rubbish.)

      What about how she has two legs but her feet are fins, contrary to our common notion of a mermaid's 'everything below the waist is fish and scales'?

    2. USS GOLD STAR ages ago | reply

      I know that girl! It's been a couple of years back... we were at sea one evening late, in the Baltic, on a run from Kiel to Riga and back. She came aboard aft on the fantial where I was doping off after watch. We chatted for a while, I shared my Ginger Ale with her since she was thirsty. She said she was looking for another line of work because swimming around all the time was getting old. Well, I guess she found it. Nice girl! Now she's famous, but I knew her when....

    3. luxuryluke ages ago | reply

      I'm just concerned that you let such a nice 'catch' get away!
      Ah, well, she's obviously still there!

    4. Olav Bjørkøy ages ago | reply

      Gotta love Denmark. The national symbol is a statue of a topless chick.. :D

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