Shirts showed up

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    First order of shirts arrived from

    Want one? We'll have to print more.
    Find out how here:

    Also, if you say "donate" on your paypal, $2 goes here:

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    1. Markociclehim 117 months ago | reply

      I must haz diese geile tee mit den geilen Logo! #ChickmagnetTee

    2. luxuryluke 117 months ago | reply

      jej. Ja, Marko. Du kannst schon diese haben. Darf ich dein size kennen?

    3. Kelly Sims 117 months ago | reply

      Next up is your own line of sneakers, right? Old SkooLD.

    4. Tim Van Damme 117 months ago | reply

      This will look sexy in combination with my man-boobs!

    5. luxuryluke 117 months ago | reply

      YAYA! They are really nice shirts. Wife approves. ;)

      As for the sneaker line, that's a bit out of my league. But the tschotchki factory should be in high gear just before the local antique roadshow arrives at Long Beach Airport nearby… ;) jk

    6. Western 117 months ago | reply

      man, so great. i am late to the party for sure. but i will take one. gotta order one up!

    7. simplebitsdan 117 months ago | reply

      Huzzah! Looking fantastic, sir.

    8. Markociclehim 117 months ago | reply

      Ich denke meine Americane size tees ist "ultra small" ^^, aber Ich bin eine Medium. Est ist genau wie Tim hat geschriben! Die combination ist geile fur meine menschen-titen XD (german writing:FAIL) :)

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