oj dana, dana...
Dana building, recently de-constructed in very old-fashioned way (they were afraid of a big ka-boom!).
Word "recently" is inappropriate. It was a scary ruin for few months, and it took over two months to pull it down completely (last wall was a piece of city's landscape for about three weeks).
it's kindda amazing how quickly the pigeons took over the possession. there were lots of them, literally everywhere, in every single hole. and as each of them soared into air, lots of tiny (and not so tine) pieces of building fell to the ground.
one could even start to like those shi**ing germ-carriers...

all squares were taken with Tanax on Ilford Pan 100 ISO
all rectangles were taken with Nikon Fm (nikkor 20mm, 35-70mm, Sigma 100-300mm, Jupiter) on Fomapan 400 ISO (but exposed and developed as 100 ISO - it was a mistake, didn't notice it while loading & after opening the back I thought %@*#!!! green, not yellow?!)
both dev. in Rodinal 1+50 @20 oC for 17min.
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