Canada's Deep South: Tallgrass Prairie, Oak Savanna and Carolinian Forest
Along the north shore of Lake Erie extending northwards to a line that runs from Sarnia to Toronto is the Carolinian Zone: Canada's only true deciduous forest. Tulip trees, black gum, various hickories, sugar maples and beech trees dominate. The best place to experience this forest type is at Backus Woods, north of Port Rowan/Long Point. Nearby is Jackson-Gunn Old Growth Forest, a small woodlot that has been left undisturbed for over 600 years, yielding maples and beech trees with diameters of over 1m and an understory clear of branches for the first 10 to 15m - spectacular.

In Windsor, you'll find a remnant of the Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savanna habitats once found in southern Ontario. These grasses and wildflowers are over 2m in height and are attractive to a myriad butterflies.
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