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#6 mbp

Lately, my life revolves around spending countless hours in front of this MacBook Pro. This laptop here contains the fate of my future. I have been busy working on my thesis, as my goal is to graduate this coming May. So much of my time is spent reading, writing, researching, graphing, and more on this baby. I am continuously backing up my work via Dropbox, a portable external harddrive, and the laptop's harddrive.


In order to graduate without risk, I need to submit my thesis to Montezuma Publishing by April 4th. BUT, I need to give the draft to my thesis chair and committee members a month prior to that for corrections and edits. AND I need to defend it to get the signatures. Spring Break is the week before the deadline, which makes things more challenging...


I can still submit my thesis after April 4th but it wil be at risk for graduation. There's lots of other dates and deadlines but it's really confusing and complicated. The goal is to try to get it in by April 4th. At the latest, a week after but no more. I don't know how many people are planning on graduating this semester... so that can back things up at Montezuma if I get it in to them too late. I also need to make sure I have all the correct formatting, so it will help make the process faster.


I don't mind so much the writing process of a thesis. I actually really enjoy it. It's a great experience. It's the dreadful deadlines and graduation limbo-state that I'm concerned about. I have a countdown widget that kindly reminds me how many days I have left... There are days where I feel really good about making progress and then there are days where I have panic attacks. It's a constant emotional roller coaster ride. My classmate and friend likes to call it "chronic stress."


Anyway, I've allotted myself to go out once a week to help keep my sanity. I need to remember what fresh air smells like or what the sun feels like! Photography is definitely going to be an outlet for me!


You can find me at a cafe. Feel free to join me! I enjoy company. :)


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Taken on February 6, 2012