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Altitude 2000+ collection. Mountain landscapes beyond the tree line of Andorra | by lutzmeyer
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Altitude 2000+ collection. Mountain landscapes beyond the tree line of Andorra

Picture: Mountain nature regions Sorteny & Casamanya of Ordino and Canillo parroquies. North Andorra beyond the treeline: Mountain view from La Massana, Vall nord, Andorra, Pyrenees




Altitude 2000+ special & some hints and tips

How To


It's all a question of perspective: The shot above is Andorra's Pic de Casamanya's Segudet slope, with Pic d'Estanyo at background. Both seem to be direct neighbours, but in fact their distance is 4 km. Camera position distance is 12 km.



"Altitude 2000+" is my image collection of Andorra's mountain regions beyond the tree line (timberline), short distance or macro distance images of this ecologic precious zone, presenting rare mediterranean-alpine plants of the Pyrenees getting smaller and smaller with getting rarer and rarer.


Most shots are done at another time at often another lighting mood. Bringing it together over the years an orga conception is quite useful. To get plausible results for a story idea someting like a "film-style storybook" it's a must for scene continuity together with an esthetic framing (cadrage). Means: for trustable results we should have enough good scenes in stock that might match.


That's the way we work, here in Andorra since 2005.


Well, we still are talking about still photography, not about "video". Our workflow offers quality headroom for movie quality, using the scene quality of just 1 perfect lighted and edited high-res still photo.


An example: A virtual flight through Andorra, based maybe on just 1 HiRes photography shot. Medium Format photography is recommended in this case. This kind of production via a selected high resolution still-photo gets interactive at a website or via mobil-phone app. Medium format has the headroom for it. A zoom-in for details seem to be endless compared to amateur formats.


Tech-Talk: Size of Medium Format is about 2-times (or more) bigger than FullFrame (36/24) and 4-times bigger than HalfFrame as APS-C. And this is by far not the end. Best resolution at this level finally is defined by optical components before reaching the xxx-megapixel-sensor. Lenses in this category cost often more than the camera. Professionals need a lot of it, as each lens should be "prime", means no-zoom.


Does it bring something? Well, photography is similar to an audio production (where I come from as sound-ing & producer). Overall quality is determined with both by the weakest link in the chain. And: Sins with both happen often (always) at the begin of the recording chain, whether accoustics or optics, whether microphone or the lens. Or the singer :). Or impatience of the photographer.


Another aspect of our capacity is a metadata-controlled base to get best and "everlasting" results. Today, next months, the coming years - not a big problem yet. Yet! Or not? Proven standards of the internet exist since min 20 years, IPTC rules even much longer.


Operation of our "GEO-photography" system.


GEO photography in our own definition is a local/regional related interactive network of GEO images, based on our philosophy of "functional photography" (always need millions of additional dates). Explaining: We store the relation of a normal GPS location (camera position), but related to possible targets seen on this image, supplemented, if available, with editoral researches.


GEO photography is a mixture of automated records of all camera-movements, distance measurements plus a database interface including editorial edits as names, synonyms and story text to describe a target more exact and consistent. This 1 image is also related to all the others done over the past.


Result: 1 image is (in our case) related to all matching motives from the last 15 years, sometimes even longer. For Andorra this are 100.000+ images! Please note: To see the full functionality on a webpage or an app it needs individual server-side programming.


Another hot feature is an interactive use within a smartphone-app via GPS-sync. Means: A smartphone (with localisation function) shows stored selected images inclusive redactional text content in a continous flow while hiking Andorra. Fully automated. For example based on our new "Camis & Rutes" collection.




That's it here!


Full features are available with full licensed images. Here at Flickr we present just "footage" in low resolution - not "ready to use" films or videos. Same with any additional information via metadata or editorial. If interested please ask your IT/Media partner and remember the old marketing rule: "Instead of 1001 words - just let pictures speak!"






About the image above:


* Half frame format 3x2 image

* Usage: Large format prints optional

* Motive is suitable as symbol pic

* "Andorra authentic" edition (10 years decade 2008-2018)

* "Andorra camis & rutes" active collection

* 2000+ collection „beyond the treeline“


A how-to about "Altitude 2000+ collection" and the way we work please read here:


We offer 100.000+ photos of Andorra and North of Spain. HighRes & HighColor GeoCoded stock-photo images including metadata in 4-5 languages. Prepared for an easy systematic organising of large image portfolios with advanced online / print-publishing as "Culture-GIS" (Geographic Info System). The big stockphoto collection from the Pyrenees.


More information about usage, tips, how-to, conditions: Get quality, data consistency, stable organisation and PR environments: Professional stockphotos for exciting stories - docu, tales, mystic.


Ask for licence! lutz(at)


(c) Lutz Meyer, all rights reserved. Do not use this photo without license.

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