Recursive Escalator Sign

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    The sign is comical in itself: stick figure hits his head on overhanging sign. Beware!

    But this is a SIGN ABOUT THE SIGN. The logic behind its existence escapes me: without the sign there, there would be no need to warn about it.


    (Pic taken while going down the escalator opposite. Original story here.)

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    1. riokalaw ages ago | reply

      Actually that sign is necessary. A lot of escalators have these signs or plastic "blockers/shields" to prevent anyone (mostly kids) from dangling their head, looking over the escalator. If you notice that further up there's this steel beam that would act like a pair of scissors to a child's head as the escalator went up. The sign prevents people from getting guillotined by the steel beam. if you go to older department stores you'll see that they most likely had retrofitted their escalators with some type of plastic "shield" similar to the sign. I'm not an escalator expert. It just happened to a childhood friend of mine and he has a big scar on his neck due to being caught going up the escalator. 'hope that clears up any confusion.

    2. Threevolve ages ago | reply

      Are you guys serious? Get lives.

      It's funny, who cares about the angle and whatever else.

      Can't you just laugh at something that's funny, even if it's just the idea that's funny, or is a faked photo? (Not saying it is/isn't, but someone had left a comment suggesting it was fake)

      I got a laugh out of this. Thanks, Lush, for posting it.

    3. human_gumbo ages ago | reply

      That does make more sense now, thank you rio.

      Still say it looks awfully photoshoped... there's no reflection or shadow on the sign which makes it look drawn in, or at least touched up.

      Sorry for thinking ThreeV, next time I'll just laugh and keep my curiosity and logic center off. ; )

    4. thespeak ages ago | reply


    5. yojiffyskippy ages ago | reply

      Sweet catch :) It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

    6. godfly ages ago | reply

      got this link from digg.

      here's what i said there:
      i used to hang out in the building where that picture was taken from. it's hanging on the side of the escalator. so if you're one of those guys who love to stick out half of their bodies out of the elevator while gawking at the ladies on the lower floor level and you're not paying attention of what's ahead of you, you would hit the sign first (like a warning) before you get your head angled between the handrails and the next floor level that you're going to.

      thx for the picture lush, it really made us laugh here.

      kumusta mula sa mga kababayan mo from canada!

    7. pendens proditor ages ago | reply

      I can't really explain why, but this strikes me as a perfect metaphor for the universe itself.

    8. ultrasupergenius ages ago | reply

      Nice capture.

    9. iamdanilo ages ago | reply

      it's like the sign that says "Don't read this sign"

    10. yipe ages ago | reply

      Recursive isn't quire the right word for this.

      Also, this seems silly, but I've seen a few of them and they are needed. Some put them there just to not hit the nearly invisible acrylic shield put into place, and some have a sign on the other side and the back side just reminds people not to smack into the sign.

    11. hanapbuhay ages ago | reply

      But recursive got me to clicking the Digg link.

      Congrats sa picture mo, kabayan.

    12. hewsondion ages ago | reply

      your words, are why a sign is required! gold!!!

    13. Pink Thistle ages ago | reply

      I agree with threevolve. Great to have a laugh! It is funny, thanks for sharing!

    14. Simian Cephalopod ages ago | reply

      omfg... so great!

    15. meshuggahpie21 ages ago | reply

      that is awesome.

    16. anna_i_am ages ago | reply

      so well observed :-) I don't think I would ever have thought about the recursive nature of this sign!

    17. artemisthunder ages ago | reply

      Wow.....just wow.

    18. royal pickle [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Doh! Silly signs!, and we'd love to have this added to the group! It would be great if you could also join us at the group.

    19. Arkaitse ages ago | reply

      Looks like a fractal sign!

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