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Bush - close front view

this was done a few years ago and posted on DA. last week i was bumping into it non-stop while moving materials around the studio, and realized it had never been shared on Flickr ... as soon as others started coming down on Rumsfed and Bush i stopped ; once it became an obligatory coming-of-age thing for the youth on DA to express criticism, rather than out of any heart-felt personal concerns


original comment : ''someone ( here on D.A. ) did a drawing of the president as mannequin, and i suggested the control rods might have been better rendered as a cross, rather than the generic sticks... after all, he holds himself out as a good Christian, the better to get elected


yesterday i painted the head ( and clown shoes ) with oil paints, the sombrero with a brown acrylic, folding and shaping the sombrero into a cowboy hat. today i fitted it with a suit ( thank you, Ken ! ) and put an ink jet presidential seal on the cowboy hat. the hands were from some unknown doll, and remain original '' end comment


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Taken in January 2003