29th King Mango Strut - 2010
Photos from the December 26th, 2010 King Mango Strut Parade, a local Coconut Grove parody of the Miami Orange Bowl Parade. The event is a heavy dose of satire, parody, irreverence and of course knock down, drag it though the streets humor.

Jabs ran the gamut from the TSA, bed bugs and recalling local politicians (must be the year for blood sucking insects found in beds... I'm talking politicians of course). Also in the mix were Chilean miners (and mimer) down the hole, a visit from illegal aliens, folks through with Britto and staples of the parade such as the Running of the bull shitters, stilt walkers and great bands that liven up the after parade happens.

Congratz on a great event and all the good laughs to wrap up the year.., and making to the Herald as a featured event.
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