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Vikend seminar za določitev spola Slovenski orgazem  /  Weekend seminar to determine the sex of the Slovenian orgazem | by judge_mental
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Vikend seminar za določitev spola Slovenski orgazem / Weekend seminar to determine the sex of the Slovenian orgazem

Slovenia's population is projected to fall by 13 people a day - and 12.1% by 2060.


Investigators from across Europe - well, one - gathered with representatives of the Slovenian language in Ptuj at the weekend for a seminar to debate the unresolved issue of the sex of the Slovenian orgazem. Among the several interesting presentations which were received...



Doctors L and J Kungfu from Roswell d.o.o.

Nobody's come

Saturday 10 p.m. at the Orfej Institute


Abstract: The Slovenian orgazem is neither male nor female, but the inbetween one. Nobody knows "neuter" is the word for this and Slovenians usually go glassy-eyed when the subject of neuter is raised.


It's as if they're thinking: "Why would you bother about one of the three sexes you have to watch out for if it's the one that doesn't have one?"


Da bi razliko. Vendar, nevtralen orgazem preprečuje veliko argumentov.


With slideshow of alien yeti sperm from 9/11.



Professors Zorec, Kostanjevec, Mr Iztok Vagina and B Shakasac (Doctor of Sex Tourism)

Male orgazems for women

Saturday night/Sunday morning 2 a.m. at the KPŠ Fakulteta za Žogo Opazovanje


Abstract: The orgazem in Slovenia is an exclusively male samostalnik (noun). Slovenian women have male orgazems. Female orgazems are incorrect and it would obviously be impossible to get a female orgazem from a ščegetavček.


Roswell d.o.o.'s hypothesis is a misinterpretation of sparse data. Non-masculine orgazems are a matter of pure speculation and most likely attributable to kung fu farting.



Kovinskifant@Shamerocks Catholic-themed pub

Let off all of your guns at once and explode into space.

(Postponed until funding is available).


Abstract: What? Don't ask us. We're not old enough. Yeah, 38 vodkas please Taša.


With iconography involving swords, chalices, demons and gothic lettering, plus music from Vatican't.




The squirting thing squirts

Most weekend evenings until the third drink.


Abstract: His orgazem is going to be a verb in the future tense. It will be in the first person, and is therefore neither male, female nor neuter. Nor very likely.


Skupina: Moronik Colonik


Next week...


Maintaining Teacher Employment. Dr Heidi Rüg-München emphasises the Slovenian government's duty to scare the citizenry out of and then immediately back into its pants. His slogan "Sex = Death and what if your granny hears?" will achieve economies when everybody is gone.


Dr Peter Pintaspunk of Slovenia's Centre for Science In The Pubic Interest argues that the chance of becoming pregnant from eating kebabs remains low, and explains a proposal for the compulsory secret addition of African sperm to all vaginal deodorants on sale in Slovenia. Interactive lynching follows. 1L vodka + 6 Red Bull - 3 euros. Vabljeni!


Living With A Hairy Trigger. Muffdamper Corporation's presentation on embarrassing female climaxes caused by the fridge coming on downstairs.



More on the sex lives of the Slovenes.



Damage to a residence near Maribor Airport after a 58-year-old virgin finally gives in

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Taken on April 10, 2007