Pre-filled sauce containers for speedy lunch packing

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    Speedy lunch packing tip: pre-fill sauce containers with commonly used sauces. All stored in a magnetic spice tin from Ikea, mounted on the kitchen wall. Full blog entry here.

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    1. cecilnhou2 95 months ago | reply

      How long do homemade sauces last?

    2. Biggie* 95 months ago | reply

      It depends on what's in them. If there are fresh vegetables (i.e. minced garlic or shallots in a vinaigrette), I try to use it up within a week (stored in the refrigerator). Shelf-stable sauces like soy sauce, Lizano sauce, Tabasco, etc. I just keep in the containers on the wall for months at a time.

    3. Steph's Treasures 95 months ago | reply

      where do you find these containers?

    4. Biggie* 95 months ago | reply

      I can get them locally in San Francisco (see my SF local shopping guide), but I know you can get them on eBay as well (see the LJ bentolunch community's online shopping guide or geographic shopping guide).

    5. Great Stone Face 95 months ago | reply

      Do you re-use the containers? If so, how do you wash them?

    6. Biggie* 95 months ago | reply

      GSF> Yes, I definitely re-use the containers. To wash, fill them with hot soapy water the same way you filled them (squeeze & release), shake & repeat. To rinse, do the same thing in clean hot water. Some people designate certain containers to always hold the same sauce (soy sauce, tonkatsu sauce, Tabasco, etc.) so as to not worry about flavor contamination.

    7. flakyredhead 95 months ago | reply

      Hmmm... I had thought that soy sauce was shelf-stable, but the bottle I opened this morning says "Refrigerate after opening", so I stuck in the door of the fridge.

    8. Biggie* 95 months ago | reply

      flaky> It's like Tabasco. Soy sauce won't go bad at room temperature, but some people say it tastes better if it's refrigerated. If you've got the room in your fridge to store it, go for it! I don't; my fridge is huffing and puffing mightily to keep up with all the stuff I've crammed into it... (purge ahead?)

    9. willow89 95 months ago | reply

      thanks for the tips :-) tehe! I love the little flying pig casing and the milk bottle :) Generally I have only seen the fish :)

    10. pictures_of_success 72 months ago | reply

      Cute! Brilliant idea!

    11. wagerry 36 months ago | reply 1979 my uncles goes to Japan and they brought some of this plastic fish (I think they came with soya...) I play so so much with them!!! Tks for sharing this photo :)

    12. meaganar88 32 months ago | reply

      I love these things. I got them at H-E-B (south texas's Krogers) at the suhiya in the store. I know you can buy unfilled bottles on specialty sites for bentos and on amazon. but the shaped and designed fish in the middle are still my fave. for a thicker sauce though ill use the larger square/rectangle containers since the opening is bigger and thers always a ton that sticks on the inside. either way they both fit wonderfully in my lunch boxes and if i want a little more its easy to throw in a second.

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