Molds for hard-boiled eggs

Ichiban Kan in San Francisco's Japantown often has these (2 for US$1.50); Bay Area bento shopping guide here. Full blog entry with hard-boiled egg shaping tutorial here.

  • puckduvinylle 8y

    I love the fish!! >^.^<
    Can you buy these things online?
  • foodie polly 8y

    I went to the daiso stores here and they don't have them :(
  • serena! 8y

    these are uber cute!
  • Lunch in a Box 8y

    puckduvinylle> You can definitely buy these online; I picked them up in a local dollar store in San Francisco (Ichiban Kan, 2 molds for US$1.50). I haven't seen them at Daiso either, polly jean.
  • Maya Jordan 8y

    I got these cute molds at Ichiban in San Mateo, CA for a dollar each set and they are just wonderful. I have even made jello shaped like cars, rice balls and corn bread. Is just fantastic.

    For all of them I had to use a little pam and improvized on the jello :)
  • Lunch in a Box 8y

    Deedolito> Ooh, sounds like they lowered their price, then! Very inventive to use them for jello -- how did you make the corn bread in them? I'm also curious about the jello... Dish! :-)
  • Enchanter of Camelot 8y

    You are invited to add this image to
  • Maya Jordan 8y

    My corn bread recipe is soft. Rather than a piece of "cake" is creamy ^.^ I just scoop it out of the pan, spray the containers ( it works best if you grease them with melted butter) put a chunk of corn bread in it and squish it in there :) take it out and serve. Yummy!!

    For the Jello is the the same process. Make the jello. spray the container or use clear saran wrap for each side. It will not be a big round car but it will be a perfect piece. Very cute when presented. I Will take pictures next time I make them :) Let me know how it works!
  • mlhradio 3y

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