Lock & Lock insulated picnic set (exploded view)

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    Closed-up view of the bag is here. The bag is lined with insulated material so you can pack a gel pack along with your picnic for food safety. There are three Lock & Lock 870ml food containers inside (one fitted with four smaller food cups), so this is the right size for a multiple-person picnic. I picked this up for US$13.50 at Kamei (on Clement St.) in San Francisco. (EDIT: Evidently Target sells the individual box with four smaller sub-containers for US$3.96.)

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    1. stinky_harriet 98 months ago | reply

      That is very cool! I have the container with the four little compartments in it, as well as a few other divided Lock & Lock containers.

    2. Biggie* 98 months ago | reply

      I really like Lock & Lock -- so secure (dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe!). The navy insulated case did it for me, though -- I'd only seen non-insulated light blue or plaid cases from them in picnic cases before.

    3. Bree R 98 months ago | reply

      I haven't seen the insulated case anywere ... is it from Lock & Lock?

    4. Biggie* 98 months ago | reply

      Winter's> Yes, it's from Lock & Lock. It was the first time I'd seen an insulated case from them myself. A view of the packed bag is here.

    5. Bree R 98 months ago | reply

      Thx, Biggie! Now if I could just find a reputable (non ebay/jlist/etc) online vendor for Lock & Lock stuff I'd be set!

    6. stinky_harriet 98 months ago | reply

      They don't have the cases, but for all of the actual L&L containers you can't go wrong with The Heritage Mint. I've gotten tons of L&L from them, they have good prices, and both times I had a problem (sent the wrong thing one time, one item was damaged another) they have fixed it immediately.

    7. Biggie* 98 months ago | reply

      Good info, stinky, thanks! Winter's, if you ever do find a good vendor for L&L cases, please let us know!

    8. Bree R 98 months ago | reply

      Sure thing. I bought the basic 4-compartment one at Target and will have "pseudo bento" for lunch today =D

    9. TATTERH00D 98 months ago | reply

      I don't know how reputable this is, but they do have the bag available (in turquoise) www.myshopping.com.au/PC--99404_Housekeeping_Cleaning

    10. snappiness 90 months ago | reply

      I saw this set at Lotte and debated about getting it for summer picnics. My friend said not to, she said after several hours poolside in our super hot summers, I'd rather the food be in an ice-packed cooler. Does this bag do a good job of keeping food cool for hours?

    11. snappiness 85 months ago | reply

      Well, a few months later I went back to Lotte and they had one left. I got it and I love it.

    12. behindcrossroads 53 months ago | reply

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    13. mlhradio 39 months ago | reply

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