Insulated bento set

Total capacity: 560ml (240ml rice jar and two 160ml side dish containers). The rice jar is insulated like a food jar to keep the rice warm and soft for lunch. The two side dish containers aren't insulated, but go inside the insulated carry bag that you could drop a cool gel pack into for maximum food safety. Photo of a lunch packed inside is here. The side dishes can go in the microwave, but not their lids. Picked this up at Ichiban Kan in San Francisco's Japantown for US$20 (they had rose color as well -- Bay Area bento shopping guide here).

  • Lynn PRO 8y

    I have that one! Isn't so cuuuuuuuuuuuute! I think blue is a better color. hehe

    I wasn't sure if the side containers were microwavable. Thanks for sharing that useful tidbit. I hope you like using it. :)
  • Viv 8y

    Loooove that store...and Japantown period...Im due for a visit soon!
  • flakyredhead PRO 8y

    I can see that I need to plan my shopping trip when I go to SF in June. I saw this same set for sale by an eBay dealer, but the price was more like $35 US and they charged shipping as well.
  • Lunch in a Box PRO 8y

    samurai> No problem! Haven't used it yet -- will break it out when I've got fresh warm rice ready in the morning.

    cafeolait1> Ichiban Kan is so addictive...

    flaky> Absolutely! Give me a heads up before your trip and I'll let you know which stores are ripe with bento gear at that time.
  • KAYI 8y

    Is this the bento set (as referred from bento lunch website), as the insulated bento kits (with a thermal jar for the lid, two lidded side containers and an insulated carrying bag that you can put a gel pack into to carry hot and cold items at the same time)"
  • Lunch in a Box PRO 8y

    SS!, that's exactly what it is. It's a nice size and a well though-out design -- thumbs up on this particular bit of gear. You can find similar ones online -- Zojirushi puts out a line.
  • KAYI 8y

    I actually have a similar set, just a different thermo bag. It's reddish and have circles and crosses on it. i never knew it is of such great capability. thanks again.
  • Lunch in a Box PRO 8y

    Ichiban Kan in Japantown is currently out of these, but say they expect more in the future. If I see more I'll update here.
  • songbird72884 PRO 8y

    Hi, can you recommend anywhere online that sells these at all? I've been looking for something along these lines and this one, colour and all, is exactly what I've been looking for but, living in the UK, it's hard to find them.
  • Nico Veenkamp PRO 8y

    That goes for me too. I live in the netherlands.
  • ylyl 8y

    do u know if the rice container is leak proof? I'm looking for something to pack my soup in it. like ur bento set, but dont know if it's leak proof
  • Lunch in a Box PRO 8y

    ylyl> Yes, it's leakproof -- I tested it by filling it with water, putting it in the bag with the side containers, and throwing it in the trunk of my car for a day while I drove around. Because the lid is easy-off, though, I wouldn't trust it if it weren't actually securely packed inside of the insulated bag.
  • yellowzeppelin PRO 7y

    Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this set? Thanks.
  • ProfoundLemon 7y

    This bento set is super cute! One of my friends has it, and we're in Japan!
  • Tulip Flor 6y

    You can find similarly insulated bento over at
  • 5y

    I would like to get the set for my daughter for christmas.. but I cant seem to find it.. I live in orange county, ca.. can you tell me what the brand is or the manufacturer so I can look it up on line. Thank you Renee
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