Urara dragonfly box & chopstick case

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    Cheap two-tier bento box that I picked up for $1.50 at a Ichiban Kan, a dollar store in San Francisco Japantown (plus the bento band and the chopstick case). The bottom tier is 250ml, top tier is 330ml (total capacity: 580ml). Info on Ichiban Kan in my SF Bay Area shopping guide for bento gear. For my blog.

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    1. OMBF / Obiwan Bento 101 months ago | reply

      AAAAUUUGGGH! I spent about ten times that on eBay!

      So where is this dollar store, exactly?

    2. Biggie* 101 months ago | reply

      The dollar store is called Ichiban-kan, on the Peace Plaza in Japantown by the bank -- this thread has all the details: www.flickr.com/groups/bentoboxes/discuss/72157594321776792/ There are also branches in San Mateo and El Cerrito -- inventory changes regularly, so it's worth stopping by periodically. Other stores in Japantown (check the thread) also stock the Hakoya boxes as well as kids bento gear with characters such as Anpanman, Thomas, Pokemon, etc. -- enjoy!

    3. OMBF / Obiwan Bento 101 months ago | reply

      I did a little web-sleuthing tonight and discovered the one on my side of the Bay, in Emeryville. It's a mile from the nearest BART station - an easy bike ride. Something to do next weekend :) I'm going to see if they have the brown rice munkaya recommends at Cooking Cute.

    4. Biggie* 101 months ago | reply

      I didn't know they had a store in Emeryville! What's the address? Be sure to bring a big backpack when you bike there!

    5. OMBF / Obiwan Bento 101 months ago | reply

      Not Emeryville, sorry: El Cerrito. They're on the same BART line and both start with E, so I get confused /:S (and Emeryville doesn't even have a BART station).

      Anway, I went there today; the pickings were slim.

    6. foodie polly 98 months ago | reply

      Argh. Why can't they have stores like that here in Australia?! *jealous*


    7. libookperson 93 months ago | reply

      Oh, how I wish we had a store like this on Long Island. I LOVE this set.

    8. momcat14c 91 months ago | reply

      Gah. This is selling for $12.00 and up on ebay. No bento stores in the wilds of NJ, yet.

    9. Biggie* 91 months ago | reply

      momcat14c> To be fair, while the box was $1.50, the band was $1, and the chopsticks case and chopsticks were another dollar or so each. So figure it cost me $5 for the set.

    10. saffronkingfisher 87 months ago | reply

      I happily paid $13.00 + shipping for a set on ebay that was the box, fork, chopsticks, band, and bag, even though I live in Sacramento. With tolls ($4 each way) and gas, and parking, my trip to SF to get the stuff "cheaper" would cost more than ebaying!

    11. NanYue 72 months ago | reply

      ooh!! 1$ (bento+belt+chopstick case) so cheap!!!! i really want it!!
      but i went to ichibankan, i couldnt register it because it is only for people from usa.....:(
      on ebay, every bento box are expensive i think...

    12. mlhradio 37 months ago | reply

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    13. Hileen 35 months ago | reply

      I paid $7 for the same bento box on amazon, no strap or chopsticks. Unfortunately, I live in Texas and there are not many asian stores and if there are any they usually don't carry bento stuff.

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