• Egg mold for quail eggs as well as a chicken egg. It's for medium chicken eggs, but does better with large.
  • Anpanman character onigiri molds! Starring Currypanman, Anpanman, and Shokupanman (Curry Bread Man, Bean Paste Bun Man, and Sandwich Bread Man)!!!
  • egg molds for large eggs (works better with XL, though)
  • tiny onigiri molds for children
  • i want this! - Asuka.Hokkaido

Egg & rice molds

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Some new molds. I'm especially fond of the quail egg mold and the Anpanman onigiri molds (my son loves Anpanman). I made this with one of the Anpanman rice molds, and this with an egg mold. You can also use ice cream sandwich molds (i.e. from Amazon or Williams Sonoma) for shaping eggs or rice balls; there's a how-to here. For my blog.

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  1. breeps 91 months ago | reply

    major haul!

  2. kokokawaii68 91 months ago | reply

    so cute !
    i love the quail's mold too expecially when I pack small bento ^^

  3. gLiTTeRb☺i® 91 months ago | reply

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh cute!!! ^^

  4. extra-minty 87 months ago | reply

    these are brill, well not with egg in, but where do you get them from ?

  5. Biggie* 87 months ago | reply

    extra-minty> I get them either from eBay or the Japanese dollar stores near me (Daiso, Ichiban Kan). (Bay Area bento shopping guide here)

  6. extra-minty 87 months ago | reply

    Thanks Biggie, I'll have a look on ebay. Thanks for sharing your bento enthusiasm. It is now a matter of time till I treat myself to a wee bento box, for my lunches at work :O)

  7. Biggie* 87 months ago | reply

    extra-minty> I just revised the photo description -- you can also use ice cream sandwich molds (i.e. from Amazon or Williams Sonoma) for shaping eggs AND rice balls (multi-tasker); I wrote a how-to here.

  8. extra-minty 87 months ago | reply

    Hey Biggie, no I don't want to shape any eggs ever ever ever, being vegan I'll stick with the rice :O) i really admire your attention to detail, such care with presentation of food makes it beautiful, special and fun :O)

  9. Biggie* 87 months ago | reply

    extra-minty> Ha ha, okay! You might want to check out One More Bento Fan's photostream -- she's put a lot of interesting things in onigiri molds, such as steel-cut oatmeal, couscous, etc. Might be up your alley!

  10. Crafty_witchy_girl 83 months ago | reply

    I want it too! Waaaa! Waaa! : (
    Can't find it here...

  11. natesgirl 78 months ago | reply

    where can i get a quail egg mold? thanks!

  12. Biggie* 78 months ago | reply

    natesgirl> Unfortunately I had to order this from eBay (Tokyo Gift) in my one eBay purchase last year. Seller was fine, don't get me wrong, I just don't like to pay shipping if I can avoid it.

  13. tokyo mommy 75 months ago | reply

    Oh I have the little animal set I found them at akachan the other day my son loves them!

  14. SILVER RAIN Q8 69 months ago | reply

    from where u can buy this???????????????? i love it :"""""(

  15. tehhappycat 45 months ago | reply

    I know a cheap AND FANCY version of this.

    Put tin foil at the bottom on a cookie cutter. Fill and cover the top again, TA DAAAA!

  16. mlhradio 27 months ago | reply

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