Battle of the lunch jars: Nissan Stainless vs. Chinese knockoff

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    The two lunch jars, side by side. The Nissan Stainless is better quality, but I can't argue with the price of the knockoff (US$8, shownhere with carrying case). Bought at Kamei in San Francisco (info at Bay Area bento shopping guide here). For my blog.

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    1. huh radio 108 months ago | reply

      where do you get the knockoff? What is it called?

    2. Biggie* 108 months ago | reply

      It's really a no-name (no brand on it), but a quick online search shows Wanshida as being a big Chinese manufacturer of lunch jars.

      I can tell you where I got it in San Francisco, but I don't know about online sources. If there's an Asian kitchen supply store in your area (esp. one catering to Chinese), that'd be your best bet -- plus you wouldn't have to pay shipping. If you come up dry, let me know and I'll go get one and put it up on eBay.

    3. huh radio 108 months ago | reply

      Where in San Fransisco did you get it? Was it in Chinatown somewhere? I might look for one maybe next time I go shopping there.

    4. Biggie* 108 months ago | reply

      Kamei (on Clement around 8th) has it for $8, and an Asian discount store across from Richmond New May Wah (across from 711 Clement) has it for $9 plus a huge selection of lunch jars (the Zo's, Tiger, Nissan Stainless, knockoffs, etc.). Check them both out!

    5. cecilnhou2 108 months ago | reply

      ohhhh I am really liking the size of the knock off. I also recently saw one on that was i think $10.

    6. Biggie* 108 months ago | reply

      Just came back from a quick trip to Kamei and want to amend for SF locals -- Kamei does indeed have Mr./Ms. Bentos, Nissan Stainless, Tigers, other lunch jars, food jars, etc. for excellent prices. They're just all on the wall behind the cash register (cheap ones out in the aisles, good ones behind the register).

    7. Biggie* 98 months ago | reply

      tildilicious> The Tupperware Meal Solutions To Go Pack that you linked to looks interesting in terms of a pretty roomy 4-container pack with an insulated case. Lighter weight than the thermal lunch jars, in any case. Like my Lock & Lock picnic container with insulated case, though, it'll help keep food cool (especially when packed with a freezy gel pack), but forget about warmth. You really need a thermos-type arrangement for heat retention.

    8. tildilicious 98 months ago | reply

      thanks for the advice biggie.

      i saw the chinese knock-off in new york city chinatown for $9.99. Do you think it's microwave safe? Do you think it can hold soup and liquid without spills?


    9. Biggie* 98 months ago | reply

      Tildy> If it's the one identical to mine in the photo above, it's microwave-safe (although I avoid nuking the lids just to be safe). The bottom container isn't liquid-safe as is, but you can do it if you either cover it with plastic wrap before putting the lid on -- or packing a layer of rice on *top* of your stew or curry to act as a lid like this.

    10. tildilicious 98 months ago | reply


      i have a product idea...lock & lock conatainers inside a thermal lunch jar. most thermal lunch jar has a rice container that is not spill proof. sometimes i want to bring noodle soups with nice hot broth and the soup container is just too small. i love curry and the soup bowl in most thermal lunch jar is too small for that as well (i have a big appetite and like to have lots of curry sauce) .

      maybe i should just use a food jar instead...still looking for the perfect lunch set.

      speaking of food jar, i found this adorable one here:


    11. Biggie* 98 months ago | reply

      Wow, that's seriously nice design! I like the colors and the fact that the top and bottom are rubberized so it should withstand being dropped.

    12. sp ng 49 months ago | reply

      i have loss 1 cup capacity 13.2oz, where i can buy ?

    13. mlhradio 39 months ago | reply

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