• soup container with watertight lid
  • "rice" container (lid not watertight)
  • side dish container (medium size)
  • side dish container (small size)

Nissan Stainless Thermal Lunch Tote

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Note the spoon case that can also hold a pair of small chopsticks at the same time (comes with the spoon, chopsticks not included). Spoon case attaches onto the side; top view of all containers with lids here. Same size as the Mr. Bento. For my blog.

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  1. espressoDOM 105 months ago | reply

    how is this... thinin' about getting it... looks nice

  2. Biggie* 105 months ago | reply

    We like it a lot -- no complaints at all. Cheaper than the Mr. Bento (plug the model # into Amazon.com), and cool-looking with the brushed metal exterior.

  3. espressoDOM 104 months ago | reply

    ordered Friday morning... waiting w/ baited breath

  4. amsinla 101 months ago | reply

    Ordered mine today from Amazon for less than $30! Thanks for the tip.

  5. tenjobara 98 months ago | reply

    This thing is FANTASTIC !!! I love hot lunches, and this actually beats Mr. Bento as far as heat retention goes. In Mr. Bento, the top 2 sides containers become room temperature (or cold in my opinion). In the Nissan Lunch Jar, they stay warm! (more heat than Mr. Bento).

    I think it's because the outer container for Nissan Lunch Jar is all stainless, whereas the lid on Mr. Bento is plastic, allowing heat to escape.

    I'm so happy I got this as a gift 5 years ago!

  6. Pamela Drouin 94 months ago | reply

    ooo! thanks for the links!!

  7. ampermc 94 months ago | reply

    I've had mine since the mid to late 1980's, way before the Thermos involvement. Although I rarely use it, mainly because I'm too lazy to bring lunch to work, I love it and will never give it up!

  8. jtal2008 89 months ago | reply

    tenjobara: I think Mr. Bento is this way on purpose (re: room temperature/cold small containers)

  9. PhotoShopGuru 47 months ago | reply

    Time for me to get a new thermos.
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