• curry that a friend made with chicken, potatoes, banana squash, tomatoes, mushrooms, chili, coconut milk, peanut butter, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves, simmered with Parmesan cheese rind for flavor complexity
  • honeydew nectarine
  • strawberry tree berries
  • cucumber with herbed oil

Chicken peanut curry for preschooler

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Morning prep time: 10 minutes. Photo for blog entry.

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  1. egseah 81 months ago | reply

    I had to Google strawberry tree fruit...looks so interesting! The cucumbers look great too. :)

  2. EvilDilara 81 months ago | reply

    I think it is so great that you are exposing your child's palette to all sorts of different foods!

  3. willow89 81 months ago | reply

    That's appetising! (duh) does your little one usually finish the food up? :-) I recall seeing kids toss out their packed lunches or just not eat them, favouring fried junk food.

    Man, you cut cucumbers so evenly! I must keep my eye out for this strawberry tree berry; never heard nor seen it before. :-) Is it as bland as what the articles say?

  4. Biggie* 81 months ago | reply

    Thanks all!

    angel90> You know, Bug is kind of a pokey eater. He'll eat a little and wander off, then come back an hour later and want more. Sometimes he'll finish the whole thing on his second or third try (i.e. in the car on the drive home), sometimes he'll leave stuff he's not into that day (seriously varies day by day). But I won't give him a snack or any kind of treat until he totally finishes his bento, so often he'll finish it all up at home because he wants something else. (motivation?) I wish I could say I used a mandoline on the cucumber as that would be easy to duplicate, but I did actually slice the cucumber by hand. I wouldn't hold out for the strawberry tree berry for out of hand eating, but it's quite lovely as a jam or couli (try adding a little cinnamon in there). Full details at the blog entry.

  5. pinguin0037 78 months ago | reply

    do you usually try to avoid milk products? You use them seldom. this parmesan Cheese I would leave out from the curry.
    thanks for sharing on www.flickr.com/groups/milkfree

  6. Biggie* 78 months ago | reply

    pinguin0037> D'oh!!! Sorry, I wasn't thinking closely enough and overlooked the Parmesan. Would you like me to remove the two photos from the milkfree group?

  7. pinguin0037 78 months ago | reply

    I don´t think it is necessary to remove your delicious meals! The Parmesan is an add on, and can easily be left out. I just like to point it out. Not that someone thinks Parmesan cheese has less lactose... ;-)
    What Substitute do you suggest?

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