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    Newest CoreToon for Core77.com.

    I have a love-hate relationship with mindmapping. Also while I really dislike such uses of the word "random", it's appropriate to the acronym.

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    1. jamie nyc 54 months ago | reply

      Holy Mother of God, how much money has that exact process made for architects and consultants... I'm going with billions. Spot on dude.

    2. amproehl 54 months ago | reply

      I have the same love hate relationship. I want it to be a great insight tool but I think your rendering is closer to the reality... particularly for a few specific tools.

    3. Austin Kleon 54 months ago | reply

      Oh, man...this terrific. There's definitely an Emperor's New Clothes element to a lot of 'em, that's for sure.

    4. joseph readdy 54 months ago | reply

      "empty space? draw a brain!"
      brilliant work. much too close to the truth of the —all too frequent— experience. thanks.

    5. marcosmendes 54 months ago | reply

      nice job, man.

      nice job.

    6. ryan christopher 53 months ago | reply

      This is... fantastic. Utterly fantastic. "Brainkrumping," indeed.

    7. suehawkins 53 months ago | reply

      You know, I don't personally know anyone who uses these things, so I never thought I understood them - always thought for a nonlinear art-brain, why would you need such a thing?

      I guess I understood them after all.

    8. jaysalikin 53 months ago | reply

      Ah yes, but done right, they are a great tool for visual learners.

    9. shawnie_0405 53 months ago | reply

      that's so funny.

    10. Stéfan 53 months ago | reply

      Haha! This is brilliant!

    11. billsoPHOTO 53 months ago | reply

      Well played, sir. Well played!

    12. stevieosmosis 53 months ago | reply

      Greatness. Thank you for making this.

    13. ☼ Helder 53 months ago | reply

      haha awesome

    14. ejpyatt 52 months ago | reply

      A true classic - I blogged about the design issues at
      www.personal.psu.edu/ejp10/blogs/tlt/2010/01/mind-maps-go... the original makes the point most effectively.

    15. parikhdolly 52 months ago | reply

      I would buy a t-shirt to wear it to brain-storming meetings.

    16. marjolein - studio lakmoes 51 months ago | reply

      absolutely brilliant :)

    17. figueiroa 50 months ago | reply

      This is genius.

    18. Elio-X 49 months ago | reply

      I will keep this in mind

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