top secret

  • Tobias Lunchbreath PRO 6y

    notsnot --- fair enough about the cancer claim, and i'll accept the asshole mantle at least for this cartoon.

    cfuse --- you may be right about my statistics. it's possible they were faked.

    in any case, we're clearly we're doing a shitty job of taking care of ourselves, which includes me, because i stay up late drawing cartoons and clubbing baby seals.
  • Ronise! 6y

    i need to do this.
  • Chris 6y

    Props, lunchie, for admitting some wrongness. I came on a little strong.
  • Tobias Lunchbreath PRO 6y

    oh no worries notsnot. i try things and see how they work. thanks for your comments in all cases.
  • quimblypop 6y

    Healthy food is more expensive and all the exercise in the world can't remedy or prevent a congenital condition. But for the average american, I'm sure this would work wonders.
  • will_the_evil_genius 6y

    Statistically, problems that can't be fixed with diet and exercise regulation are relatively low. Things like flu and cancer deaths, while still tragic, are outweighed by things like heart disease, which is almost always directly connected to poor diet and exercise. Eating healthy is not more expensive, despite popular belief, since eating healthy also means eating less. Bravo, LB. Bravo.
  • Jay B Sauceda PRO 6y

    shit yeah
  • Ballookey Klugeypop PRO 6y

    Nice idea, but we eat healthy and get damn exercise. Unfortunately it was while we were riding our damn bikes (healthily) that my husband got hit by a drunk driver, suffered a head injury, and can't return to work meaning his insurance coverage will end eventually while he'll be at risk for seizures forever.

    Diet can't solve a $1,400,000 medical bill. So where's your cute graphic solving that problem?

    Insurance isn't for the stuff you plan for, it's for the stuff you CAN'T plan for.
  • Tobias Lunchbreath PRO 6y

    Ballookey: I'm utterly in favor of socialized medicine. But I think we need to clarify the difference between health and medical care. Health is primarily something you maintain on your own. And our "health care" system is shitty and expensive because so many of us do a bad job of it. Of course your husband and the cancer kids deserve immediate and thoughtful care. But they may have to wait in line behind a room full of patients who OD'ed on White Castle.
  • Patrick Barber PRO 6y

    I designed a food pyramid with very similar information a few years ago.
  • J.L. Allred 6y

    fuckin a thats awsome
  • Tobias Lunchbreath PRO 6y

    henpower---i'd like to see that food pyramid. can you post a link?
  • Patrick Barber PRO 6y

    it was a pencil sketch, I don't think I still have it-- just hung it in the kitchen for a while. It said DONT / EAT / SO / FUCKING / MUCH.
  • speedreed66 6y

    Not only is twinkies and candy bars empty calories, most "health food" in america is full of terrible things. When you go to your local grocery store and see organic produce and meat, it's a hell of a lot more expensive but there's a reason why. america consumes so much food that in order to keep up with consumption, farmers have to genetically and artificially grow their crop (to a certain extent) this makes mass production cheaper, which makes the food cheaper. Organic produce is grown with organic fertilizers like manure and other forms of compost. there are no pesticides or hormones put into the growing process for a more colorful or a larger yield. with meat, organic beef comes from unfertilized grass fed cows with no hormones to raise them bigger. also one must remember that there is a notable difference between "natural" and "organic". a lot of americans cannot afford organic food so the healthy food they do end up eating is high in fat (in the case of red meat) and is full of artificial fertilizer and pesticides (in the case of the produce).

    and when it comes to fish? i refuse to eat farm raised fish, i either catch my own, or buy it fresh, never frozen.

    One way americans can start living a healthy life is planting their own gardens. it doesn't have to be to large. remember to use manure and till it with black dirt. don't put any kind of fertilizer like miracle grow on the plant unless your okay with eating miracle grow. having a garden and keeping it up will help you live a healthy lifestyle because your eating healthy, and at the same time, being forced to get up and exercise by tending to it.
  • .BlackCat. 6y

    This.. except when you get off your ass, do something, and get hit by a car... then what?
  • Puneet_B 6y

    You forgot to add "Never contract any diseases" which is surely just a matter of willpower.
  • Tobias Lunchbreath PRO 6y

    that's right puneet, willpower and tinfoil hats. protects you from all sorts of things.
  • masonmystery 6y

    Just one more stumble, then i go, i promise. :)
  • seier+seier PRO 6y

    love your work, lunchbreath, and the discussions it provokes - other people get crop suggestions :)
  • Carvin 5y

    The problem isn't that America is lazy, we just are shifting to a different set of jobs and social norms where exercise and physical prowess is mattering less and less. Now, it's true that Americans would for the most part be healthier with some exercise, but that hardly covers all the healthcare needs. I would say that unhealthy eating habits, due mostly to the most advertised and cheapest foods are very unhealthy, as well as the disappearance of 'home cooking' thus a greater dependency on fast food and prepared (microwave, etc) meals, are also a factor. Certainly an over subsidized beef industry, which also uses questionable undercutting practices are a contributor; if beef wasn't so readily available, and thus more expensive, more healthy options would be chosen. Perhaps if soy, vegetables and fruits were subsidized instead we'd make some progress. Still, diet and exercise can't fix everything. While they can help, they certainly can't eliminate mental health problems; they certainly have nothing to do with accidents, and they definitely can't stop genetic issues. Let's not forget about the elderly who, even if they do stay healthy longer, always eventually succumb to illnesses.

    This argument is almost cute in its naivete. It's like when I was 8 and I thought everyone should be payed the same no matter what, not knowing anything about the failure that is communism. Makes me want to pinch your cheek.
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Taken on July 20, 2009
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