Embryo @ 6- 7 weeks

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    Approximately 6 weeks estimated gestational age from conception, 8 weeks from LMP. Shot with 105 mm Micro-NIKKOR lens with 2 off camera SB-800's. Specimen is submerged in alcohol.

    For another amazing image of a 6 - 7 week embryo: farm4.static.flickr.com/3396/4618437757_33c40f4875_b.jpg

    Please see other images of Human Developement: www.flickr.com/photos/lunarcaustic/sets/72157617368698808/

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    1. Urban Gazelle ages ago


    2. lunar caustic ages ago

      This is a spontaneous (ie. not a termination) abortion. It was extruded intact with the gestational sac surrounded by developing placental tissue and decidual tissue. This was carefully opened to avoid damaging the embryo.

    3. giupaint ages ago

      Hi, I'm a Wikipedia's User and I was searching photos for Wikimedia Commons, and I've loved your pictures. Are you interested in releasing this picture under Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) license?

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      Looking forward for your answer.

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    4. Urban Gazelle ages ago

      thanks for answering; I'd seen abortion material that looked similar but was less intact. I'm glad this woman didn't lost her uterus as well. Your photography is unique - thanks for posting.

    5. giupaint ages ago

      Thank you for releasing this picture under Creative Commons BY license.

      You can see it at Wikimedia Commons:


      Best regards,


    6. garreyf ages ago

      What a great photo. Thanks for sharing.
      I hesitate to upload many of mine because most of my contacts get "grossed" out.

    7. andrewhyman33 ages ago

      Hi. Is this 6 weeks after fertlization, or instead 6 weeks LMP?

    8. lunar caustic ages ago

      6 weeks from conception, 8 weeks from LMP. Please also see two other 8 week from conception and 10 week from LMP also in my photostream.

    9. andrewhyman33 ages ago

      Thanks for the info.

    10. Kristi Smart AKA ManicManx 115 months ago

      Thats a great picture. Its amazing to see the human body and all that goes with it.

    11. worth the wait. 115 months ago

      aw this isn't just a specimen, it's a human being...

    12. lunar caustic 115 months ago

      I agree... from conception... a human!!

    13. cloningsouls 112 months ago

      This is a beautiful photo

      i made an edit of it here


      it was non profit ,..i hope you dont mind

      if you would like me to take it down please let me know


    14. manxhypnosis 101 months ago

      May I use this image for a blog I am writing in HubPages on being 6 weeks pregnant?

    15. theMadMel 99 months ago

      Any idea what caused the miscarriage?

    16. FilDewd 93 months ago

      Strange question, but how long would a fetus of this age be? And how long would a 7 week, 8 week, 9 week fetus be? Cheers!

    17. FilDewd 93 months ago

      nevermind found it

    18. PatinaLatina 67 months ago

      lunar caustic what's a spontaneous abortion?

    19. afairgo 55 months ago

      Thank you for providing this image under a creative commons license.

      We have used this photo on this page:

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