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    1. break.things 102 months ago | reply

      spent many a summer gettin WASTED in this place.

      Gotta take a trip back here soon, last time I went I wanted to hit this last supply house up but had to run. There's a sick UFO peice in there.

    2. Luna Park 102 months ago | reply

      UFO piece here and much else dissed by someone who's painting crazy runes all over everything.

    3. break.things 102 months ago | reply

      Psssh, probably some drunk teenagers with nothing better to do...oh wait

    4. thatfotoguy 102 months ago | reply

      whats on the beam right in the middle?

    5. thatfotoguy 102 months ago | reply

      ah,thank you!

    6. Laser Burners 102 months ago | reply

      sadoo the math!

    7. glossy waves [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

      break things you had to run as in chased? i havent been here since 06

    8. break.things 102 months ago | reply

      Nah, it was getting late and I had to run out to Amityville to pick up some things before a friend left for CA.

      There are plenty of homeless in there at night though. In the summers there's always kids drinkin in the battery placements.

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