msk blockbuster

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  1. BOTROS!BOTROS! 71 months ago | reply

    READER has done bigger rollers than this.

  2. runtoline 71 months ago | reply

    A lot of people made bigger rollers than this... This is really nice!

  3. Luna Park 71 months ago | reply

    i know other people have done bigger rollers elsewhere - for sure - my question was if there are any current roller pieces in new york that are bigger?

  4. f.trainer 71 months ago | reply

    Reader and You Go Girl went pretty big in the gowanus last summer...

    read up bird girl

  5. 521MIZEOHXEZ [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

    fuck rollies that aint graff at first i was like dam that shit hot but i had a rockin straight letter under that yo fuck outta towners ima do a 125 over that shit watch

  6. GhettoP82 70 months ago | reply

    rollers are graffiti u big dummmmmmmmmmmmy!

  7. PERMANENT 68 months ago | reply

    MSK by: SKREW,CEAZE, & NEKST.......09'

  8. Turnstile Hopper 62 months ago | reply

    Damn outta towners! someone needs to get a fire extinguisher and rag that shit with a huge throw up like katsu did!!! .... why are we letting out of towners take over ny? Would they like it if there were big XTC rollers in LA?

  9. EB20111 61 months ago | reply


  10. ballsackmanuever [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

    That dude ....,.... knows wus good

  11. for_roro 57 months ago | reply

    Back in the Day - MSK -Chunk - Made a beautiful piece on a train...RORO

  12. MENTfyc [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    love it

  13. LurkinTheCuts 43 months ago | reply

    any recent pics of this?

  14. Luna Park 43 months ago | reply

    nah, there's a huge new condo going up right in front of this... it hasn't been buffed (yet), but there's a big construction fence right up against this wall.

  15. LurkinTheCuts 43 months ago | reply

    the screw rent roller will be a nice view from the condo windows i bet

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