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Comparing scanners: flatbed scanner | by Luminousoctaves
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Comparing scanners: flatbed scanner

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This is from the Epson V700 flatbed scanner. No grains at all. This doesn't mean that the scanner is uncapable of registering grain, it just means it's unable to focus on them.

A flatbed scanner has a fixed focus point, unlike a film scanner where the machine can adjust the distance from the ”reading head” to the film plane.


Also, the neg holders for the Epson flatbed does not straighten out the film plane properly, since there are no plastic lockers between each frame. This is bad.

(In fact, if you compare the perspectives of the two examples you can see that the flatbed perspective is a bit distorted/bent, mostly on left side of hte image. I guess that this is a result of a ”curvy” film plane as well...)


I am thinking about getting new scanner holders from They are suppose to improve the sharpness some, but I doubt it will generate the same grainy result as with the Minolta Dimage 5400.


Note: I'm convinced you can get better sharpness with the Epson V700 than this. It depends on how ”flattened” the negative is for one thing. But this example still demonstrates the disadvantages of lacking focusing (flatbed).

With the filmscanner focusing is done automatically. And even if my shot is out of focus, the film grains are at least visible. :)

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Taken on December 21, 2009