Fairytale finish

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Slowly but surely I have worked my way through this and it is finally done and ready to go. Think I'll have to hang up the quilting needle for a while though - my wrist and hand have protested too much!!

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  1. tashanoel 55 months ago | reply

    so very cute!

  2. 2mayboys 55 months ago | reply

    This is so amazingly adorable!!!!! I love the mixture of quilting, applique, and embroidery.

  3. crazyfun01 55 months ago | reply

    Oh this is one of my favorites! I want it to come to my house! Embroidery, applique, stitching-gorgeous!

  4. Poppyprint 55 months ago | reply

    Oh, nicely done! This is seriously adorable. I'm sorry your hand/wrist are not happy...arthritis? I feel your pain (although mine's currently in remission). Take care and rest up! This is such a wonderful quilt, I would LOVE to see it in person to enjoy all of the amazing details.

  5. cathygaubert 54 months ago | reply

    i'm hyperventilating a bit over here!!!

  6. lululollylegs 54 months ago | reply

    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments - makes the sore wrist worth it!! And no it's not arthritis, just tendonitis I get when I do too much knitting or crocheting or of course quilting - you know, all the fun things in life! Anyway I can't wait to see what my partner thinks of it!!

  7. DeeRoo G 54 months ago | reply

    Trees, flowers, house, little girl in red hood, sign, owl, mushrooms, leaves, and to top it off the wolf of all wolves!;) LOVE!!

  8. Modernsewl 54 months ago | reply

    Too cute for words! You did a wonderful job!!!

  9. patchandi 54 months ago | reply

    Can't believe I've only just found this photo.
    This quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!
    I wonder who it's for?

  10. cathygaubert 54 months ago | reply

    ohhhhhhhhh!!!!! miss lululollylegs!!!! you sneaky little miss, you!!!!!! i now actually *am* hyperventilating...a lot!!!! oh my! cate and i have to pick up eme at pre-school, but i can quickly assure you that we LOVE it to bits!!!!!! i'll be back in a bit...to gush some more!
    yay, yay, and yay...happy, happy day!!!!!

  11. BibiArndal 54 months ago | reply

    It's amazing! :)

  12. gigikennedy 54 months ago | reply

    this is absolutely spectacular!!!!

  13. Lauren Goode 54 months ago | reply

    stunning work!

  14. rosebudquilting 53 months ago | reply

    This is a beautiful treasure, I love it.

  15. TinyAcorn 53 months ago | reply

    One in a million :-)

  16. ann-marie s. 50 months ago | reply

    this is amazing! truly amazing!

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