Winter wear

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    Ebay has turned out to be my supplier of Pendleton wool shirts. I wear them all winter long because it's so damn cold in Iowa. These are some of the finest quality shirts out there, if wool doesn't drive you nuts. They also make a scrawny, ugly like myself look somewhat presentable to the world.

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    1. e50e 116 months ago | reply

      This is a really great portrait.

    2. Luke H 116 months ago | reply

      Good portrait, bad subject matter :)

    3. e50e 116 months ago | reply

      Ha, that totally negates the statement then! I think you have really great portraits of you lookin' tough outside your automobile! This one is lookin' tough in flannel!

    4. Luke H 116 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I have to have internet intimidation.. In real life, I'm a scrawny wuss. THough in this case, I was celebrating the proper fitment of this "new" shirt. These things are a steal on ebay. They cost 100 bucks in the store, and about 5 + shipping on ebay. Deluxe quality too!

    5. e50e 116 months ago | reply

      That's an excellent deal to find on a $100 shirt. You should post some photos of you fighting.

    6. Luke H 116 months ago | reply

      Fighting? Like my friend says, I have a black belt in runaway-fu...

    7. Sweet Freak 116 months ago | reply

      Are you familiar with Webb Wilder? This picture makes me think of his credo: "Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard, grow big, wear glasses if you need 'em!"

    8. Luke H 116 months ago | reply

      I've done everything but grown big, but these day's I don't really rock hard...

    9. Seth Tisue 115 months ago | reply

      great minds wear Pendleton shirts

    10. Luke H 115 months ago | reply

      Now that it's cold again, I've moved all the wool stuff to the front of the rotation in my closet!

    11. ☆eight☆ 111 months ago | reply

      great minds wear pendleton shirts - but i advocate an undershirt to avoid chaffing!
      what brand is this shirt?

    12. Luke H 111 months ago | reply

      This one here is a Pendleton western style shirt. I'm not sure what the vintage is.. Probably mid 70's, but I'm not sure because it actually fits perfectly. It was probably sold as a shirt/jacket.

      I always have an undershirt on, regardless of what else I have on.

    13. Seth Tisue 110 months ago | reply

      this could be the inaugural photo in the new Pendleton shirts group

    14. Wasco Photos [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      These shirts ARE the best! I made a great score a few years ago. I was at the landfill and there was this 4 foot by four foot box of brand new army green wool shirts, ALL PENDLETON, which was sitting in the middle of the dump! I’m guessing that Pendleton, (which is only about 45 minutes from this landfill), was cleaning out some old unused stock for whatever reason. Anyway…I stuffed as many as I could into the cab of my truck, and I’m still wearing them today! There is no better shirt on a cold foggy morning! Cool Beans!

    15. Luke H 103 months ago | reply

      I had this shirt on yesterday, oddly enough. It's cold here and I'm not used to the temperature change yet. Filson is another good brand of wool clothing, but even the used stuff seems to sell pretty high on ebay. I have a green army shirt from the Korean war era, but it's just USMC or whatever and it itches quite a bit, so I only wear it over something,

    16. YaStuckLikeChuck [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

      what size is that shirt bro? And are they true to size?

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