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How to Use Social Media Tools for Retail | by Luke Monnier
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How to Use Social Media Tools for Retail

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There is no doubt that the digital era came to change a lot of what people thought was already on its final form. Retail is one of those things. From brands that have completely emerged from the internet, to the traditional ones migrating into a more digital store schema, social media plays now a main role in the success of e-commerce and sales. There are of course some new social media tools for retail that you should know about.


According to different studies, mobile commerce (m-commerce) is also on the rise, particularly among millennials, who are constantly window-shopping through social media, specially on the fashion industry.


Now, more than ever, brands need to pay attention at this new trends nor social media tools for retail, considering that:


There’s also proof that consumers are increasingly browsing social networks for purchase ideas and inspiration. More than half (56%) of consumers who follow brands on social media sites say they do so to view products


Fourth Source


But what are the key factors to consider when using social media tools for retail? How to stay on top of the game? How can you increase your retail business with the help of social media?


1. Analyze Your Business and Context


It’s no coincidence that we usually recommend you to always do some research before taking any new steps on your digital marketing strategies. You first need to know where and how are you, how’s your target, how are they behaving and what’s going on right now on social media.


For your evaluation process, Sprout Social recommends the following things to analyze:


What are you selling?


Who are you selling to?


Is there a need for your product or service?


What’s your bandwidth (the time and you’re able to dedicate to Social Media)?


Sprout Social


Take a look at your product and your target, and see how similar brands are approaching the same niche and age group. This will give you an idea on what social media tools should you use to enhance your brand.


2. Create a Social Media Engagement Strategy


Be aware of how your brand is perceived and take action to always make it better. Creating a healthy social media engagement is no easy task but you can always find ways to make it possible. Social media engagement will not only increase your organic traffic, but will also create a community of faithful followers and potential clients.


Pay attention to your client’s needs, they are usually use social media to express any complaint or feedback.


If you have a physical store, try to create a social media experience:


Connecting social media experiences to brick-and-mortar locations offers a great way to further engage social followers. Social media should be seen as an extension of the physical location versus just an online experience.


V12 Data


3. Use Social Media Tools for Retail


Social networks are very much aware of their potential for the retail industry, so they have improved their platforms to offer some tools for businesses. In addition to that, there are other tools that have integrated functions with the most popular social networks in order to increase sales.


From Instagram’s shoppable photos, to bots that make shopping easier through facebook, there are some social media tools for retail changing the game, already.


Here are some of the ones that Hootsuite recommends:


Pinterest Lens: Helps you find similar-looking products based on a pin


Like to Know It: Bundled with Intagram, helps you find the source of fashion products


Instagram Shoppable Photo Tags: a tag that directs you to more information about a product


Polyvore: an outfit set creator that’s great to increase traffic to your website


The MasterPass Facebook Messenger Bot: a digital wallet that places orders for you through Facebook messenger




If you’re not yet paying attention to the role of social media in the retail business, you may be missing out of a very profitable side of today’s tools. Take action by using this simple steps and see how it will improve your sales and consumer engagement.


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Taken on January 4, 2017